Q&A with MK

Q&A with MK

- How long is the shelf life of the products?

Once the Product is open you have 2 years from Date.
Unopened the Product can last 3 years. ( store in cool, dark, space)


- Can I color my hair after my treatment?

Yes, Just be sure your hair is washed twice with MK Replenishing Shampoo prior to color service.

- What about highlights?

We recommend doing any lightening service prior to an MK Treatment. This includes balayage, double process, high lifts.

- If I use Henna dye will it affect my Treatment?

No, you are able to use henna dye without the treatment being affected.


- Will my hair be completely straight?

You will receive 100% Frizz Free hair, but depending on the process you can receive up to 95% straightening.

- What if I want to keep my curl?

For those with curly hair depending on the process, it will loosen the curl up to 60%. Using MK Hair BTX Treatment.  Making hair more manageable to have smoother, healthier, and styling made easy!


- Is it safe of Hair Extensions?

Yes, Just be cautious around the root/ bonding area. Our Anti Aging Vials are a great fit for hair extensions!

- Can I get the treatment even if I have an existing treatment?

( Keratin,Japanese Straightening, Relaxer, Perm)

Yes, our treatments have no harsh chemicals to cause any issue with previously treated hair.

- Can I use any Shampoo and Conditioner after my treatment?

No, our AfterCare of Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner is specially formulated for long lasting results of our treatments. Without any harmful (SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Chloride & SLES: Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

- Is swimming or going to the beach an issue?

The longevity of the treatment will not last due to the exposure to salt and chlorine. To help protect the treatment by using our Hair Mask prior to swimming  insures a barrier, and protection. ( Apply mask prior to, leave on hair do not rinse until after your enjoyments! )

- Are your products Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Our Products are not Vegan due to the Caviar Oil but we are 100% Cruelty Free.

- Is it safe while Pregnant and Breastfeeding?

After your 6 month or third trimester we suggest to proceed using or Protein Therapy treatment or our Hair B.T.X treatment.

- How long does it last?

Depending on the state of the hair: 3-6 months using our AfterCare.

- When can I wash my hair?

Same day, or after 24 hours.

- Can I use styling products after my treatment?

Yes, after treatment is complete you can use styling products preferably without alcohol.

- When can I re-do a Treatment?

All treatments are safe to reapply, but we would suggest that you allow the treatment to set into your hair before starting the whole process again. At
least a month. Our Anti Aging vials help to bring moisture back to the hair as a great refresher.


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